I wake up with a jolt. A shot has just gone off quite close to us. The dim sound of U.S bombs exploding through the rest of my country resumes creating a beat resembling a percussion instrument setting the tone for all of the dying. I lie in bed, sweat dribbling of me and creating wet patches on my filthy pillow. My parents’ arguing intensifies. Loud footsteps increase in noise as I feel them coming ever closer. I expect the owner of the footsteps would say that it was all okay and that I should go back to sleep. I am horrified when my father bursts into my room and without pausing for questions the words gush out of his mouth. “We are going”        “No” I say choking on my words like i am drowning in my own helplessness “No, no, no, no, no” I say surprising my self with my remarkable anger and and quiet denial. I realise that the the constant beating of the bombs has become louder. “We don’t have time for this!” he yells competing with the sound of the bombs for my ears. “The boat is waiting for us now” he says and he drags me to my feet pulls me along the floor behind him. In the darkness people are crowding the streets screaming, scared and disorientated. I feel myself landing on the wet, wooden boards of something hard and hear the rage of the ocean. “You better hurry up because the boat is leaving to Australia now” Is the last thing I hear and then there is blackness.

I wake up to the swaying of the ocean and the creaks of a badly maintained boat.We have been on the boat for a week and I have been constantly reminded that we are lucky to be going to Australia at all considering the difficulty and the cost of getting to Australia at all. Wee have lost one person during a storm and have not seen them since. We were told this is a normality and we have to be prepared but this does not soften the blow even though I had no previous connection to this person. To make matters worse we are running out of water and it is uncertain whether our supply will last the trip. We have at least passed the halfway mark but that is not especially positive.

I hear a huge commotion. The waves crash down like huge clenched fists coming onto us with a huge rage. And from just a few hours five extra people have fallen to the mercy of the sea. I curl myself into a ball trying to remember when I had a happy life but I find that I cannot remember a time when I was not in constant fear. I sobbed through all of the yells men and women trying to save the boat.

My eyes open the morning after the storm exhausted but still alive. The ship is surprisingly intact. Apparently three others were washed overboard last night. This makes me sort of relieved in a guilty way as there would now be enough water for the rest of the trip. My father walks to me presently with a look on his face and a spring in his step that I haven’t seen in a very long time. “We have sighted land” he says trying to keep his excitement in. My mother is in tears of relief as are most of the people still on board. “I still thought we were days away I” reply ecstatically. Before my father can answer someone comes back yelling that he has spotted a ship. Everyone rushes to the front of the boat to get a glimpse. As the ship draws closer I notice that on the side it says ‘Australian Border Force’.

A man makes his way out of the ship as it draws against our tiny boat and a man climbs down. He speaks English and so when he starts talking to my father who did English lessons at home I do not understand a word of what he is saying. One thing that I do notice is that the word ‘Nauru’ is spoken several times and as the conversation evolves into a heated argument I turn away.

Nauru is now my new home. It is long way of the Australian coast and refugees are kept here until further notice. It is horrible here. My father says it is identical to a concentration camp but I do not know what that is so I don’t contribute to the discussions he has with my mother about the state of the camps. I know that we get fed and everything but that is no excuse to mistreat us and make us labor as if we are prisoners. In this respect I tend to agree with the element of my father’s opinion that I understand. Yesterday I saw a girl getting beaten by guards and no one making an attempt to save her as she screamed.

I am in the most pain that I have ever been in in my entire existence. Yesterday I was beaten up by a guard for not eating my gruel because there was a dead cockroach in it. I was then not served dinner and made to work extra hard. This is not what I thought Australia is supposed to be like. Just this morning I looked through a window to find a five year old lying crumpled like a rag on the ground. He was not moving.

This is corrupt and horrible. The Australian government needs to get their act together. They can’t just let us die and then pretend hat it wasn’t their fault. This is atrocious and I cannot believe that Australians would vote for a Prime Minister who would do such a thing yet never come visit us and ask what we are going through. I say one thing to Australia and that is:

“Have feelings and see what the world is actually like outside your little capsule of richness”

BTN – Mars

At the moment there has been a lot going on around the subject of getting people to Mars. A bunch of private companies such as spacex have been taking up the challenge of trying to get people to Mars. Elon Musk ( the owner of spacex) has formed an innovative idea about getting people to Mars. This involves an innovative idea that requires refilling the ship with carbon dioxide on Mars so that the tanks have to be filled up for only the journey there. A question that I have is if after Mars people are immediately looking to get to another planet such as Venus. Another question is whether a private company or the government is going to get people to Mars first. I wonder if it is even worth exploring population of other planets when we don’t look after our own planet properly.

BTN – Space Rock

This video was about asteroids, meteorites, meteors and comets and some of the collisions and close calls from them in recent times. One of the most recent occurrences was in Russia when a meteorite didn’t impact but exploded damaging buildings and injuring people. Though it wasn’t to fatal it was a stark reminder that there is the possibility of a meteorite impact. Another more devastating instance was in 1908 in Tunguska. This time a huge portion of the forest around was completely flattened though this was a similar instance to the more recent one where it didn’t hit the earth but exploded in the air above. These two instances were meteorite occurrences though but there are other types of rock in space apart from this particular form. Meteorites are a form of meteor and are labelled this when they enter the atmosphere. This was the type of rock that exploded over Russia recently. Meteors themselves are fragments of asteroids – many of which are in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. All of these are made from rock and metal but the other type – comets – are made from ice and dust and come from the colder outer bit of the solar system. when they come in closer to the sun they leave a trail of debris that always faces away from the sun. A major impact that scientists know of was the impact that formed the Chicxulub crater on the Yucatan peninsula on the Gulf of Mexico that is thought to have wiped out the dinosaurs 65.5 million years ago. A question that I have is seeing that meteors become meteorites when they enter the atmosphere do asteroids have a name change if they enter the atmosphere. other question I have is if there are other types of solid that make impacts in other solar systems that are different to comets, asteroids etc. I wonder when the next major impact will happen on earth.

BTN – Ancient Astronomy – Astrology

In this piece I will describe why astrology is stupid and has no basis. By the end you will also agree with this hypothesis.

Firstly this idea was only invented for the convenience of some ancient civilizations to explain war and famine. Why it is still used now absolutely flummoxes me. It has been shown that this method is out of date is it has no concrete evidence apart from a couple of instances where there was just dumb luck*. ancient times the people inventing this theory had no actual scientific basis but had nothing else to explain some the events  that happen or personalities of people as humans do now. So seeing as there is a totally logical, concrete and proven theory for much of the stuff that astrology attempts to explain it just has no purpose.

Secondly there has been evidence of a slight wobble in the earth’s axis which has caused a change in the constellations. this moves some of the zodiac dates around and some people have changed signs. This means that if earth was hit by a meteorite and was tilted even more; then there would be different zodiac signs for people even if they hadn’t change one bit.

So all in all this shows why astrology is not scientifically proven and is an old way of explaining things created by the Babylonians.

*see Malachi Constant’s father in the Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut.

Goal Reflection:

Future goals:

Next semester I want to work on writing long information texts and search for information. To do this I will be stricter with locating trustful and primary resources. I want to work on using more techniques in maths that aren’t algorithms but to find alternate e.g. the area model for multiplication. To do this I will not use algorithms at all. In Science I would like to work on recording my results and creating graphs to show my working. To do this I will practise my recording in the PROE chart.


In this semester I’ve been able to write longer information texts by applying this into my term 3 project on droughts which was over 3.5 thousand words. I also worked on my maths goal and found that I achieved it somewhat as I can use the area model as another strategy yet have not achieved other methods of my liking. I didn’t achieve my science goal as we didn’t have a scientific project but I can achieve it in further weeks by doing it at home or by requesting help from teachers or my parents.


St John’s Ambulance Session Reflection

On the 14/9/2016 our class did a session with St John’s Ambulance to improve our knowledge of what to do if someone was severely injured. Most of the lesson was based around the acronym – DRSABCD. This acronym stands for what to do in case of one of these emergencies. Danger – this is where you check around the victim to see if there is anything that could be harmful to you. Response – At this point you yell out the person’s name to see if you get a response and then you pinch them between the neck and shoulder. Send for help – when you call triple zero to get help from the trained person over the line to assist you with your actions until an ambulance arrives. Airways – this is when you open the person’s mouth with a pistol grip to see if they have any blockages in the throat. If this is the case then you have to scoop it out. Breathing – is where you check if the victim is breathing. If they are breathing then that means that their heart is beating but if they are not breathing then you need to apply CPR. CPR – CPR is when you compress the victim’s chest by a third just under the middle point of the ribs. After doing 30 compressions you would give two breaths and then resume. Defibrillator – when you give the victim an electric shock to kick start their pulse.

100WC Week#7

There I sat. Low with crossed arms compared to all of the others cheering on. I didn’t care at all. I looked at my watch. Seven minutes to go. I sat there somberly while all the people next to me stood and cheered endlessly. I wasn’t amused. With five minutes to go I got up and slipped a note into the adjacent person’s hand and walked off. I didn’t care if the operation pulled of at all but I was getting payed. I watched at the top of the staircase as police surrounded the objective. I nodded and walked off.

DINOSAURS – Warm Blooded Dinosaurs

A common misconception about dinosaurs is that they were slow, lumbering, dimwitted and cold blooded. In recent years (starting from the mid 90s) an opposing idea – that dinosaurs were closely related to birds – has formed, therefore many dinosaurs must have had warm blood because all birds do. It is nearly certain that the type of dinosaur called the ‘raptor’ had warm blood because bird are a direct descendant fro this group. It has been found that these animal were quick and agile enough to jump onto their prey. Another piece of evidence is that fossilized feathers were found on many of these raptors and an intriguing species of dinosaurs evolved called the microraptor evolved which could use primitive wings to glide but still had the dinosaur characteristics. Another dinosaur called archaeopteryx evolved wings as well and was one of the first animals to evolve a type of powered flight. So that is some of the evidence supporting this theory and I am sure that in the future more and more evidence will be revealed supporting this already supported hypothesis.

BTN – Cyclone

In this text I will be arguing why people should not have stayed ijn their homes during cyclone Yasi.

My first point is that the cyclones have more consequences than you may think. A cyclone can cause flooding and huge waves as well as block off escape routes if you change your mind about getting out. Also you can get trapped as all of the junk from places nearby can come loose. In addition to all of this the winds for cyclone Yasi were 280 km per hour plus so you wouldn’t have been able to leave your house to get something that you may actually really need at that particular time.

You can also make it worse for yourself because you are staying in your house and therefore are protecting many more valuables that you could have taken to safety so in the end you might be monetarily disadvantaging yourself because if any of that stuff gets broken it can cost a lot to insure it or buy a new one.

So those are my reasons to why people should not have stayed at home during cyclone Yasi and I know that you are thoroughly convinced.

100WC Week#6

It was pitch Black. The show was a bout to start. The lights turned up slightly and I could see the graceful shape of a Flamingo condense from the smoke. It was Extraordinary, but as soon is the shape had appeared it disappeared as the cloud of smoke pealed off and dissipated. Then it was a hedgehog. As it Poked its tiny and innocent head Underneath the curtains it to disappeared. All of the known animals came and went. Every time an animal disappeared there was a human on the side of stage throwing a spear or shooting a gun.

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